737 Pilot App Homepage (under construction)

737 Pilot is a set of useful tools for airline pilots flying on the Boeing 737-800.

It provides a very easy way to download your airline roster, right from your web browser.
You can see all the information about your duties, hours, salary etc… with 3 different views: day by day, week by week or month by month. You can also get the current weather and NOTAM for any day selected in your roster, and export your flights to LogTen Pro. And if you want to know what you’re doing next with just one swipe, you can use the great widget included in the app which displays information about your next duty in the notification center.

WARNING: in this version the only system supported to download schedules is CrewDock. If your airline doesn’t use this system you will only be able to create your events manually.

The app also contains a tool to assist you during refueling operations (expected fueling time, expected quantity in each tank, x-check actual liters delivered against expected liters).

A list of the IATA and airline specific delay codes is provided with a very convenient search feature.

Finally, a non-exhaustive list of airports is available with details about each airport. You can manually add new airports to this list.

More features to come in future versions!

Click here to get some help about the app.