737 Pilot Help

How can I import my roster ?

The easiest way is to use the share button in Safari when you have your roster displayed. You will see a list of sharing options such as Messages, Facebook, Twitter etc. Only the first time you use the app, slide to the right and tap "More". It should pop-up a list of apps, just find "Import roster" with the plane icon and tap the "On/Off" toggle. Tap "Done" to save. That's it !

Which airline's roster can be imported ?

Only Ryanair at the moment. If you wish to have support for your airline, contact me.

What do the colors mean in Events ?

Blue means the event is confirmed (final published roster), orange means planned, green means you created the event manually.

How can I export my events ?

Tap the "Share" button in the event section. In this version you can only export to Logten Pro, more options should come soon (eg. Calendar export)

How can I quickly see my next events ?

Use the great today widget ! Slide your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen. Under the "Today" tab you'll find an option to add new widgets. Just find "Next events" in the list and add it. Now with just a slide from anywhere in the system you can see what you're doing next. Tap on the text and it will open the app with the briefing for this day (weather and NOTAMS).

Some airports are missing !

Indeed. More airports will come in future releases, in the meantime you can manually add an airport if you wish.

How can I send feedback, report bugs ?

Please use the email link provided in the "Help" section of the app.